The Pavilions

The Pavilions

The Pavilions Greenview Drive is offering to the discerning purchaser an opportunity to acquire a new home in an attractive development with an intimate atmosphere whilst providing all the advantages of modern energy efficient construction.


The Energy Conservation aspect at The Pavilions is a prominent feature. Groveland is constructing the houses and apartments to the latest energy conservation standards, ensuring that heating and lighting costs are kept to a minimum.


The construction used at The Pavilions is of the highest quality materials and will be sold with the benefit of a 10 year Premier Guarantee structural warranty.


The private road (Greenview Drive) inside the development will have dedicated parking spaces for all apartments, house will have private drives and garages. The Estate road will be regulated by an Estate Management Company which all apartments and houses will contribute too, for the lighting, gardening and cleaning.


Management Company, in order to provide a means by which the individual apartment owners can fairly, efficiently and economically maintain the value of their investment, Groveland will form a Management Company to ensure that maintenance of the common areas is sustained. To which each apartment will make a proportional contribution.


Freehold/ Leasehold, all houses will be sold freehold.

Every apartment will be sold with the benefit of a long lease of 125 years.


The Pavilions apartments

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The Pavilions Houses

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